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Submit a patch.
Download and test.

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Angela Antoniou, Mark Goodwin, Konrad Brunner, Steffen Menne, Nythil, Emeric Laroche and Sergey V. Udaltsov.

How Can I Help?

Sun Mar 7 10:45:16 GMT 2004

As well as this static page, a user-editable Wiki version has been set up. Should you wish to read user-coments and improvemnts on the page, please check the Wiki version.


If you are having a problem, then use the Debug version, this has the full debugging enabled. When the application crashes, press the LOG button (on all J2ME VNC screens). Then copy down the last few lines, and post them, plus the problem you have having on the forums, or the Bug Tracker, also include your make and model of mobile phone, the release used, the VNC server you are connecting to, plus any other information you think might help.


SMS Icon

The current VNC icon does not look very good, nor is in the same nice purple theme as my other icons. If you think you can create a 16x16 icon in the same style as the others, please submit a patch. ( Help Submitting a Patch ).


I'd like some link-to-me style buttons should anyone wish to link to me, again submit a patch. ( Help Submitting a Patch ).
Please note, Ouzo will not include the information icon.


J2ME VNC does not currently have a logo. This is for two reasons, one I can't draw, and two I'm not sure it needs one. That said if you wish to submit one, I would not say no.
It would need to be in two sizes, a large one for the website, plus a 16x16 for the MIDlet icon.


If you want to help, let me know what you are up to, either over email, or the forums, then submit a patch. ( Help Submitting a Patch ).
If all goes well, and you have a sub project you really want to work on we shall work out some form of CVS access.

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